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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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The Evolution of Valorant: From Beta to Esports Titan

The world of eSports is constantly changing and advancing. One game in particular, Riot Games’ Valorant, has made a significant impact on the future of competitive gaming. This fast-paced tactical shooter not only offers thrilling action but also strategic gameplay. We’ve come quite a long way from the Valorant beta test to today.
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When Was VALORANT First Being Developed?

Valorant’s launch in 2020 was a major milestone in eSports. What is the premium of VALORANT? The game’s unique combination of tactical shooter mechanics and character-based gameplay offered a refreshing and exciting experience. It quickly attracted players of all backgrounds, from casual gamers to seasoned professionals, united by the game’s intense and strategic gameplay.

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How to Access Valorant Premier Global Open Beta?

The Valorant Premier Open Beta is set to kick off on 25th April and will run until 23rd May. Players can start signing up for Valorant Premier on the 25th of April. Once enrolled, team owners can create teams, design logos, and select Zones to play in the Valorant Premier. You will find Valorant Premier on the full screen upon launch, and it will also be available in the navigation menu. Clicking on Valorant Premier will bring up a pop-up that explains the system. Get ready for an exciting and fun experience!

To be eligible for Valorant Premier, you must meet the following two conditions:

  1. You need to verify your identity through SMS verification.
  2. You must have an active account at any time during its lifespan.

If you want to take part in the Valorant Premier System test, you should know that you will be allocated to participant regions. If you download a VPN and change your virtual location, you can open access to other regions. If you are worried about whether can you use a VPN on Valorant, then there is no problem with that. VeePN cannot be identified and its speed is not up to par. Plus there is a free trial period.

What to Do Next After Valorant Premier Global Open Beta Enrollment?

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Once you have completed the verification process and become eligible, you will be directed to the “Create a Team” page. The team owners/creators/captains can then invite players to join the team and take responsibility for managing the team members. Each player is allowed to join only one team. There are no rank restrictions, so players can join any team they prefer. Upon team creation, the team will be assigned an appropriate division, which will be adjusted based on the team’s players. Any changes in the player roster will result in a corresponding change in the team’s division.

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If there are multiple zones in your country, the team owner will be prompted to select a specific zone. If you are using the Mozilla or Chrome extension by VeePN or the desktop app, you will see a selection corresponding to the country of the server you are connected to. Once enrolled, the team cannot change the selected zone, but they can unenroll and re-enroll to choose a different zone. However, please note that missing the enrollment deadline will result in the team missing out on the beta opportunity.


Riot is reviving Valorant, a shooter game that is both simple and deep. It’s easy to understand and watch, but can be challenging to play. Riot hopes that talented players will become invested in the game, potentially making it the next big hit like League of Legends. This is a significant opportunity for Riot to showcase their hitmaking abilities and become an industry legend.